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So, how do you really feel about Oracle?

31 May 2006 22:07 — Photos

While going through some old e-mails today, I came across a picture I took a few years ago (click for more):

Oracle books

Copying message box text to the clipboard

9 May 2006 22:22 — Tips & Tricks,Windows

Screen dump of standard Windows message box containing the text "Did you know that CTRL-C copies this text to the clipboard?"

(This post triggered by receiving a lovely screen dump of a message box. A message box covering almost the complete screen, and containing lots of serialized XML. XML containing lots of entitified HTML...)

Bereavement and other administrative projects

5 May 2006 21:27 — Uncategorized

Trying to notify my manager of a few upcoming days off using Microsoft Project Web Access, I got:

Screenshot stating "You are not assigned to any tasks on any administrative project, such as vacation, sick, or bereavement."

Microsoft sure has interesting ideas about "administrative projects"...

Fun with Markov chains

4 May 2006 21:40 — Words

I'm slowly making my way through the posts at languagehat, a linguistics weblog which I discovered a few days ago.

In a comment on one of the articles, someone mentioned that entering 2665 on a mobile phone with predictive text input spells both "book" and "cool". Which got me thinking about what other collisions there might be...

So, after taking Grady Ward's Moby word list, and writing a few lines of C#, here are my favourites:

  • acquire = baptise
  • equitable = fruitcake
  • hormonic = insomnia
  • mature = obtuse
  • mudsucker = overtakes
  • navaho = obtain
  • pervert = request
  • piebald = ridable
  • pigmaker = signaler
  • september = sequences

And for Dutch (using this word list):

  • afgrijselijk = begrijpelijk
  • aftakking = bevalling
  • amortisatie = constipatie
  • deeltallen = edelvalken
  • emmer = fonds
  • gesloopt = herkomst
  • puber = stads
  • starheid = subsidie
  • tijdvak = vijftal
  • uniek = vogel


3 May 2006 23:02 — Books,Words

A few weeks ago, I came across a word I'd never seen before. That's not really a reason for a post, you might say. True, but since it happened two times on the same day, in two very different books, I present to you: sprezzatura – the art of casually hiding artfulness. I like that notion; ars celare artem, and all that...

Sprezzatura Sighting #1

A reprint of Paul Ford's "Processing Processing" in "The Best Software Writing I", a collection of essays on software. It's quite a varied collection, and definitely not all of it was to my liking. My favourites: Paul's article and Eric Lippert's "How many Microsoft employees does it take to change a lightbulb?". And of course, Chunky Bacon...
You can find the complete list of essays at Joel Spolsky's site. Most (if not all) of the articles are available online, but I prefer reading books.

Sprezzatura Sighting #2

"The Meaning of Tingo", a fun little book with interesting words from all over the world. Something to read in small doses, but very entertaining.

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