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More Processing fun

2 August 2014 19:33 — Gif

Yet again, inspired by Bees & Bombs.

My first Processing sketch

27 July 2014 11:00 — Gif

Inspired by Bees & Bombs.

Unintended self-reference

11 October 2012 12:55 — Unicode

From the Jargon File:

Jargon File's "mojibake" entry with encoding issue...

Another T9 collision

10 February 2010 21:00 — Words

Some four years ago, I wrote in Fun with Markov chains about T9 collisions (the fact that predictive text input on mobile phones sometimes turns out interesting alternatives).

Last night I was contacted by someone who'd found the original post and was looking for a T9 collision translation (i.e. translating a T9 pair in language 1 to a T9 pair in language 2, trying to maintain the meaning).

That's still in progress, as you can imagine. I did find a nice new (half-)Dutch pair, though: godfather = infecties :-)

Microsoft Forefront in action…

28 September 2009 20:07 — Windows

How to disable Outlook:

Microsoft Forefront deleting one of Outlook's files...

Thanks, eh.

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