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KEYWORD= no_go: relationship

4 August 2009 22:14 — Uncategorized

My company sent out an e-mail newsletter today, and I was just taking a quick peek at the bounces and out-of-office messages.

One stood out:

Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server has matched a filter.
Filter name: "KEYWORD= no_go: relationship"
State: Purged

I guess "relationship" features relatively frequently in spam, but bouncing an email just because the word appears seems a bit blunt to me.

The lyrics of Nanou 2 performed by Aphex Twin are missing

1 August 2009 16:05 — Music

When Aphex Twin's "Nanou 2" just came up on my playlist, I decided to Google it, hoping for some "if you like X, you'll also like Y" serendipity.

No such luck, but one of the first hits read:

  Unfortunately the lyrics of Nanou 2 performed by Aphex Twin are missing.

Surprising, that. (And if that doesn't make sense to you, check it out. I'm not a big Aphex fan, but this is beautiful.)

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